How to get 3 times as much done per day! Productivity

Posted on June 21, 2018 <p>As a small business owner, I’m a pretty busy fella with lots going on. I find at times there is not enough time in the day. Give 48 hours and I’d still be looking for more.</p> <p>I occasionally read blogs and sometimes books about getting more done. Below are 3 tips and techniques taken from resources that I have found useful.</p> <h2>Setting a goal at the start of each day</h2> <p>Each morning I work out the most important thing to do that day. There are of course numerous software options but I like to keep it simple, pen and paper. I use an a4 sheet split into 7. For each day I have the biggest task noted. Thinking about this there is a LOT I can write here, I will follow up with full blog post. The take away is however, set daily and weekly goals and make sure you can get them done.</p> <h2>Pomodoro technique</h2> <p>This is very useful indeed. It involves setting a timer and focusing solely on that activity for the time. You will probably notice the image here, A little tomato. Well now you know it is for…! Getting things done, not just cooking. You set the timer and you absolutely go after that task for the set time. The original recommendation is 27 minutes. That’s just what it is, a recommendation, you can set it to any time you want. I’d start off at 27 minutes and see how you get on. Depending on what line of business you are in, this may not be feasible - but turn off your phone. Yet another blog post coming on that one. Should be here in 2019ish :-)</p> <h2>Carrots…</h2> <p>This can be used in combination with the other 2 techniques, but give yourself a little goal when you finish the big priority or any task you set. Setting a reward can rally focus you on finishing. The goal can be anything really. Personally I turn off all social media and updates when focusing on a big task. Yet another blog post coming! See it in 2020.</p> <p>So a short little post today, but there is definitely gold in here for you to simply get a lot more done in each day!</p>