So i bought a Get Rich Quick scheme and now I'm a millionaire! [Disclaimer:] Not what you think

Posted on March 14, 2017

Hopefully i will get back to blogging (i prefer the word journal). This journal topic is something i'd like to put my thoughts into.

What the heck is this title about?

Off course i'm not a millionaire because of some get rich scheme... that is for sure!

Clickbait titles? This is defintely a click bait title.. [oh the irony]

If these schemes worked why would the author not just tell his close friends and family and become super rich! Why? They don't work!

How do i know this? A client years ago got me onto one of these pages back in 2005/2006, i was taken in... heaven forbid... i bought!

Young, Stupid, Naive, you live and learn!

What did it give me? A ban from Google, all very amusing when you look back!

^^ Very much a quick brain dump... Need to expand on at some point! 2018 will be here in no time.